Facebook comments moderation tool

Why is Facebook Moderation Important?

Because your page reflects your brand values, voice and business, it’s important that you have control over interactions taking place there. As a brand, you’re responsible for ensuring your page is free from spam, abuse and other harmful language. This is an incredibly important task in Facebook community management, and keeps your fans safe and your reputation secure.

The Solution: Using an Automated Facebook Moderation Tool

While moderating comments is key for brands, it can be difficult for businesses to moderate around the clock. Hiring a team of moderators to work 24/7 can be incredibly costly, and smaller businesses may be unable to moderate during off-hours at all.

Even if your team is dedicated to spam removal and moderation, you lose time and energy that can be spent building engagement and responding to fans. Luckily, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself when you have an automated Facebook moderation tool.

Our Difference

If you want to try an automated tool, look no further than the best tool for Facebook comment moderation: Smart Moderation. The big difference between this tool and others is that it’s a machine learning AI, which means it moderates just as well as a human would with high accuracy rate.

Most tools—including the native keyword blacklist and profanity filter—are easy to fool. All it takes is just a little bit of creative spelling for trolls circumvent the common filters. What’s more, maintaining these blacklists leads to an arms race that you’re destined to lose. Fortunately, our software isn’t so easily tricked by misspellings and creative spacing, so you can moderate more accurately with less work.

Another difficulty that automated tools may run into is spam removal. New kinds of spam are always popping up in comment sections, and our software can execute spam removal within just a minute or its posting.

Finally, the software works in multiple languages, which is perfect for global brands and multi-lingual communities. Automated tools like the Facebook profanity filter limit the amount of characters and words you can input, which means moderating for multiple languages further limits what you can sensor with those tools.

Helping Your Community

With our automated comment moderation, you’re using cutting-edge technology to protect your brand reputation and fans from abuse and spam. A happy community gives fans a positive experience with your brand, and by encouraging conversation you can gain valuable insight and data on consumers.

Because your team won’t have to spend as much time moderating comments, they’ll be able to focus on engagement with your fans and streamline their work in Facebook community management.

See how ours is the best tool for Facebook comment moderation by trying it for free!