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How do I get started?

Smart Moderation is simple to set up, with just three short steps: Just sign up with a Facebook account, connect your social networks, then add profiles you want to use with Smart Moderation. This process takes just a couple of minutes. To get started, click here and sign up for free.

How does Smart Moderation work?

Smart Moderation is the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) based comment moderation technology , offering multi-platform comment management from a single dashboard. It analyzes all comments collected from your profiles, and provides optional features to automatically detect and remove abusive language, hate speech, spam, trolling and bot attacks from all your social networks and digital platforms in real time.

How many profiles can I connect?

You can connect all your social profiles to Smart Moderation from the Page Management section of our dashboard. This makes it easy to protect all facets of your social media community without any limitation.

Does data collection work in real time?

Yes! Smart Moderation is always connected your social networks and runs 24/7. This means it will never miss a comment made on any of your connected profiles.

How do you flag inappropriate comments?

Smart Moderation is well trained, using Facebook’s community standards in the baseline. With machine learning, it learns from users’ moderation approach and changes according to their actions. This gives users a customized automated moderation tool without them having to do a thing.

Our software platform’s intelligence and decision making are not based on a library of specific keywords; it’s a self-learning engine that analyzes text as a human would. But if you could like to use blacklisted keywords in your moderation approach, we offer an optional, AI-powered blacklist feature that detects pre-set keywords and their variations (i.e., misspelled or creatively spaced).

What is an AI-powered blacklist?

While our baseline should take care of most users’ moderation needs, some users or communities will want to block certain terms that aren’t otherwise considered inappropriate by our software. In these situations, you can use our AI-powered blacklist feature.

Our AI-powered blacklist lets you define custom keywords to blacklist. Unlike other keyword blacklists, our AI-powered tool takes misspelled variations of keywords into account to block them more accurately. Smart Moderation is the first company to provide a tool of this kind.

Users who want to take advantage of this feature can define keywords right from the dashboard.

What does Smart Moderation offer that platform-native filters do not?

Smart Moderation understands statements just like a human does, analyzing them for meaning and tone rather than relying on easy-to-bypass static keyword blacklists or profanity filters. Smart Moderation can even identify spam, which is difficult to detect with existing filters.

To get an idea of what makes Smart Moderation unique, consider this example: your typical keyword-based filter isn’t sophisticated enough to tell the difference between “F--- you” and “That’s f---ing awesome!” Our tool is.

Our AI-powered keyword blocklist can also detect misspelled or creatively spaced terms. Static keyword filters can’t, which makes them easy for trolls and bots to bypass.

What is Smart Moderation’s accuracy rate?

Smart Moderation runs on sophisticated text analytics and a proprietary self-learning intelligence engine. While no technology is absolutely perfect, our system is designed to get the best results with a high accuracy rate that improves each day the more it’s used.

Can I train the artificial intelligence myself?

Yes! As our users continue to moderate comments manually (flagging comments as "OK" or "Inappropriate"), our AI will begin to learn from their unique moderation policy or approach.

Let’s look at an example. Say you want to remove customer discussions on price from your community. Normally, such a topic is fine according to our baseline, but some communities may find that it takes conversation off-topic and leads to unnecessary tension. You can flag these comments as "Inappropriate" when they appear, and as you do so, our software will begin to identify that type of content as inappropriate within your community.

Please note that this only works when clients use Smart Moderation in manual mode. To learn more about customizing Smart Moderation, please email

Is Smart Moderation also a community monitoring service?

Because it collects all comments from all your social profiles and digital platforms in one place, Smart Moderation can be used as a community monitoring tool. With multiplatform comment moderation from a single dashboard, you can use the tool to hide, delete, reply comments and block users across your community in real time.

How quickly does Smart Moderation work?

Smart Moderation is always on and runs in real time. Working 24/7, the tool collects comments across all your social networks and digital platforms, optionally erasing harmful comments in one minute or less after posting.

Why can’t I see some of my comments in the Smart Moderation dashboard?

You may be using tools native to social platforms in addition to Smart Moderation (for example, Facebook’s moderation blocklist). When other tools block comments, we are unable to access their data.

To ensure all your comments appear on our dashboard, you will need to disable platform-native moderation tools.

How does Auto Moderation work?

Smart Moderation has two different moderation modes:

Auto Moderation and Manual Moderation. You can switch between these modes at any time from your Settings.

In Auto Moderation mode, Smart Moderation automatically collects all comments and removing inappropriate user-generated comments in real time.

In Manual Moderation mode, Smart Moderation collects all comments and flags inappropriate user-generated comments in real time. The final decision on whether to remove, reply to or keep a comment as-is is up to you.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password, please visit this page and submit your email address. We will email you immediately with instructions to reset your password.

How can I upgrade my account after my free trial?

Simply, click Upgrade on the top right of the page. For custom pricing, please email to