The Best Automated Comment Moderation and Reputation Management Tool

Smart Moderation is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence based moderating technology that automatically detects and removes inappropriate comments. As the best tool for automated comment moderation, it blocks spam, profanity and abusive language across all your social media profiles within the minute that it’s posted with a high accuracy rate.

Because it’s a cutting-edge machine learning technology, our automated moderation tool reads the meaning and tone behind a message rather than relies on static keyword blacklists. This provides a unique, unmatched service not offered by anyone else. It works all day every day in real time, which makes it a great reputation management tool that protects your brand from trolling and spam 24/7.

If you manage multiple profiles or multiple brands, you can customize the software to moderate according to your needs for each—just like directing a human moderator to work a certain way.

Our software is easy to set up, taking just three short steps: sign up, connect your network(s) of choice and add your profiles. Try the software now for free to see why it’s the best tool for automated comment moderation!