Protect Your E-Commerce Reputation with Product Review Moderation

Social media is incredibly important for online businesses. It helps them reach out to prospective customers, and provides valuable insights and data into what their target audiences feel or need. And because word of mouth marketing is essential in today’s connected world, it’s important that businesses protect their online reputation and moderate the discussions around it. Online product reviews are the second-most trusted source of information on a brand (source: Nielsen), so it’s easy to imagine their importance in acquiring new customers. Unfortunately, this makes product reviews easy targets for trolls who want to ruin a business’ online reputation. Because hosting feedback on your website shows transparency and honesty, you shouldn’t close your review section just because of a few trolls. That’s why e-commerce moderation is key.

Why E-Commerce Moderation is Essential

Quantified product review ratings are often the first impression a business makes with a customer, and a coordinated attack of bad reviews can dismantle an online reputation in a matter of hours. With our software, it’s easy to identify bogus feedback within the minute they’re posted with natural language processing, erasing profane and abusive posts almost instantly.

Proper e-commerce management makes it easier seek out and respond to genuine negative feedback. By reaching out to dissatisfied customers, you can work to make things right—and signal to readers that you’re listening and you care.

E-Commerce Reviews are a Data Goldmine

With our software, you’ll receive essential data on negative engagement found within your reviews in real time. This means that even if you aren’t combatting trolls, you’re able to glean useful insights on how to better meet your customers’ needs.

Easy Integration Into Any Platform

If you have a high volume of e-commerce reviews, it can be difficult for a human to sift through them for fakes. But with automated moderation, you can deal with fake feedback on social media or your website quickly and easily.

Smart Moderation is easy to set up on any e-commerce management platform. Thanks to our open API, you can integrate the software seamlessly into any platform. The software runs 24/7, so there’s no need to worry about bogus reviews being posted in the off hours.

Try Smart Moderation for free to begin protecting your store today!