What Sets Us Apart from Other Automated Comment Moderation Tools

How Our Automated Comment Moderation Tool is Different

Our software is an artificial intelligence based on machine learning and natural language processing. This means it reads and understands text just like a human does: it’s able to determine the tone and meaning behind a message, then moderate accordingly rather than rely on a list of keywords to block.

It boasts high accuracy rate and runs 24/7, though you may train the software to moderate according to your community’s needs. If you prefer a passive approach to cultivating your moderator, the software is capable of learning from your activities on its own to better suit your preferences. Most automated moderation tools require maintaining keyword lists that are rigidly enforced, but our software works just like a human. This makes artificial intelligence the perfect new member for your already existing team!

Gain Community Monitoring Insight Through Data Collection

While our automated moderation tool runs 24/7 in real time, you don’t have to worry about missing a comment. It automatically hides any harmful comments from public view, but retains data on all comments so you can put it to good use and better serve your community. With our always-listening approach, your team may glean valuable insight while ensuring your profiles remain spam-free and abuse-free.

Fast, Accurate Comment Moderation for a Fraction of the Cost

Our unmatched service is affordable for businesses big and small, including individual users who want to ensure their profiles are free from abuse. Smaller brands may enjoy free, accurate automated comment moderation for up to 5,000 followers, though if your community is larger, try for free before signing up for a premium plan.

We offer beyond the benefits of a human moderator at a fraction of the cost, and are steps above free keyword blacklisting tools.

Installation is simple, completed in just three easy steps. Try Smart Moderation for free to take the first step to fast, reliable automatic community management right now.