Comment Moderation and Safer Social Media for All

We at Smart Moderation stand for a clean, safer social media experience in which everyone is free from abusive language and harmful content. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable being themselves and expressing their opinions, without the fear of trolling, profanity, offensive content and other abuse.

We believe in the powers of technology, and the consciousness-raising potential of the internet through open, honest and respectful dialogue. Because we realize the limitations in how respectful conversation is enforced on platforms for everyone, we offer users the ability to self-moderate according to their individual needs.

Our time in the day is limited, but we know artificial intelligence will help humanity by making our lives easier, allowing us to get more work done in less time. Our goal is not to replace humans, but to enable them to approach their work faster and with renewed energy.

Finally, we are ardent supporters of freedom of speech. Communities shouldn’t feel compelled to silence or censor themselves due to abuse; therefore, we find it imperative to help individuals enforce community guidelines to foster open, respectful discussion.

For more information on the ideas behind Smart Moderation, check out our story .