Automated Comment Moderation for Everybody

As an affordable, intelligent machine learning tool, Smart Moderation can help individuals and brands both big and small protect their social media profiles and navigate social crisis management. Think of it as an insurance for reputation management that anyone can enjoy. How you’ll make the most of the tool depends on your needs as a brand:

Brands & Individuals with Large Communities

Brands with large communities benefit from automated moderation because they have so much discussion to sift through. These large companies can handle all their moderation needs from a single platform with our software, and they’re able to better streamline their community monitoring efforts within an affordable budget. With automatic spam removal, they also protect their brands’ integrity.

Brands & Individuals Targeted by Trolls

Brands and individuals both big and small can be subject to attacks from trolls online, and some are at a bigger risk than others. For example, social activists may face incredible blowback for voicing their opinions online. We offer a customized, human approach to protect individuals and businesses from abuse proactively, so they can boldly participate in discussion without worry.

Moderators Juggling Profiles

Managing multiple profiles can be tough work, especially depending on the size of your moderation team. The tool makes social media moderation across multiple profiles easy by allowing you to moderate many platforms from a single dashboard. It also integrates with social monitoring tools like Hootsuite to make it even easier to protect social media profiles.

Reputation Management Agencies

Agencies handle many clients and their communities, and it can be difficult to meet their comment moderation needs. Agencies hired for social crisis management and reputation protection use our software to manage communities easily and respond to problem areas quicker. They may also proactively shield their clients from troll attacks 24/7 or employ real time spam removal.

Child-Friendly Brands

By accurately shielding profiles from spam, abuse and profanity within the minute it’s posted, our automated social media moderation software helps businesses achieve child-friendly communities without the need for hiring extra moderators.

E-commerce Businesses

This tool isn’t just good for comment sections—it moderates product reviews, too. While censoring faithful reviews is bad practice, it’s within your rights to delete fake reviews that are intended solely to destroy your reputation. E-commerce sites may use our software to spot such reviews, as well as gain valuable insight on customer satisfaction through real time data collection.