Keep News Media Discussion Safe with Comment Moderation

Current events should spark debate; it’s a sign of a healthy society and good journalism. Unfortunately, conversation around current events often devolves into heated flame wars over opinions that can turn whole communities toxic. That said, it’s important that everyone can share their opinions without disrespect or fear of abuse.

Because it’s your platform, it’s your responsibility to ensure a safe space for readers to share their thoughts and discuss content. With automated news comment moderation, this is easily achieved without breaking the bank.

Get the Conversation Going

News isn’t a one-way conversation, so it’s important that you listen to what your community says on social media. Social is the main drive these days towards content, and with social listening you can determine when, why and how readers are sharing yours. What are they saying? What are common criticisms? By empowering your readers to discuss content on and off your platform, you may gain important insight on how to optimize it.

Keep Your Native Comment Section Safe

Hosting a news comment section on your own platform can help your SEO while allowing you to maintain better control over news media discussion surrounding your content. To ensure that comments increase SEO, you will need to practice good community moderation. This includes highlighting the most insightful comments to better shape the discussion.

News Never Sleeps—Nor Does Discussion

Current events are always happening no matter the hour nor the day—and discussion online never stops, either. As a media brand, it’s essential that you employ social media moderation 24/7 to ensure your community stays safe.

Your Custom Comment Moderation Strategy

Thanks to machine learning, Smart Moderation may be customized to work wihtin your platform according to your current policies. There’s no need for compromise, since the software can be trained and directed much like a human moderator.

Cross-Platform Community Discussion Moderation

Since it supports the Facebook comments plugin, you can connect our software to your native news comment section via Facebook. The plugin allows you to share comments between your website and the social network, moderating both from a single platform.

Our software is easy to integrate into other social networks as well, so you can enjoy community discussion moderation across all platforms from a single dashboard. Try Smart Moderation for free and see how easy it is to set up!