Moderate Celebrity Profiles Easily to Protect Reputation and Fans

It’s no secret that online profiles are a boon for celebrities. They allow a celebrity to maintain an intimate connection with his or her fans, but this is a double-edged sword: without public profile comment moderation, celebrities open themselves up to spam, trolling and online reputation damage. Smart Moderation helps you take moderate celebrity comments easily, so you can enjoy the rewards of using social media without the risks.

Protect a Public Profile the Easy Way

Most social networks have automated tools built in for protecting their users from spam and abuse. These tools rely on imperfect keyword blacklists. These lists are easy for trolls and spammers to circumvent through misspellings and odd spacing—but our machine learning AI isn’t so easily fooled, and works in real time.

To make things even easier, you can manage and moderate all of your networks from the Smart Moderation dashboard.

A Celebrity Profile is no Stranger to Trolls

Shaking off the haters might work IRL, but fighting the onslaught of trolls and abusive comments can be difficult online. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. With our software, you may proactively keep hateful comments away with 24/7 celebrity comment moderation—and it all happens automatically.

Moderate Celebrity Comments for a Happy Community

Beliebers, Little Monsters, the Beyhive, Swifties… entire communities of people are built around a celebrity profile, which means it’s your responsibility to ensure the space is safe for conversation and discussion. Public profile comment moderation creates a happy environment and positive brand experience for your fans, reinforcing a connection and sense of community.

Instant Celebrity Spam Removal

When you have a large following, you may become a target of spam. Celebrity spam removal is easy with our software, which deleted harmful language within the minute it’s posted.

Stop a Social Media Crisis in its Tracks

Your online reputation is essential to your personal brand, and “all press is good press” only until a misunderstood post turns into a PR nightmare overnight.

We have a few features that help you protect your online reputation or deal with a social media crisis. Our tool collects data and offers insights on negative comments, so you can learn how to best respond to criticism or your community. The software also allows you to read and respond to comments from a single place, making it easy to manage damage control as a situation unfolds.

Finally, celebrity comment moderation erases harmful language almost instantly, so you don’t have to face abuse in a stressful time.