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Instagram comments moderation and management

Why Should You Moderate on Instagram?

On everyone’s favorite photo platform, you want to put your best face forward: the medium is perfect for striking a connection with your fans and vice-versa. But unfortunately, brands both big and small might find their posts drowning in a sea of spam and abuse, and the threat of targeted troll campaigns is always present.

These ills can be incredibly damaging to your brand; spam may harm its integrity, while abuse can turn fans away from the community. Therefore, moderating comments is an essential component to any social marketing strategy.

How Automated Comment Moderation Helps

Unfortunately, implementing moderation for brands may be easier said than done. A small team of moderators may have trouble keeping up with the pace of conversation, and adequate round-the- clock moderation can be cost prohibitive. This confines many businesses to moderating only during office hours, if at all. For fast, always-on Instagram profanity removal, you’ll want to invest in an automated tool.

Imagine how much time you or your team spends on comment moderation and Instagram spam removal. By using artificial intelligence for each, you can free up that time for engaging with your followers, ideating posts and planning timed events for the platform.

What Makes Us Different

Not all automated moderators are created equal. In fact, the platform has its own, native auto moderator, which is fairly limited. Most tools depend on lists of keywords to block or hide; this means you’ll need to write (and continually maintain) an Instagram keyword blacklist for words and phrases that you don’t want on your posts. This can be incredibly time consuming, and these blacklists are easy for trolls and spammers to get around.

Static lists also aren’t very smart—they’re unaware of context and can’t, for example, tell the difference between calling something “f***ing awesome” (positive engagement) and “f***ing dumb” (negative). If you’re looking for the best tool for Instagram comment management, check out Smart Moderation.

This software is a machine learning artificial intelligence. Just like a human, it can read the meaning behind statements and moderate accordingly. It’s also fast, erasing spam and profanity within the minute it’s posted with high accuracy. Say goodbye to managing an Instagram keyword blacklist; with this machine learning tool, you can enjoy speedy, 24/7 moderation without putting in the extra effort.

Keeping Your Fans, and Reputation, Safe

With constant Instagram spam removal and moderation, you protect your brand’s integrity on social media and shield your followers from dangerous links and scams. Instagram comment moderation helps you cultivate a safe community where everyone’s treated with respect, which gives followers a positive experience with the brand.

You can adopt this cutting-edge AI to protect your brand immediately. To see why Smart Moderation is the best tool for Instagram comment management, try it for free.