Providing Automated Comment Moderation on Social Media.

Smart Moderation is an artificial intelligence based on machine learning and natural language processing, made in San Francisco by Mete Aktaş and Çiler Ay Tek.

Our company is committed to enhancing online communities by making the internet a safer place for everyone, and providing technology that empowers brands with easy-to- use automated comment moderation tools. We put sophisticated, customizable AI at community managers’ and moderators’ fingertips, no matter what social networks they’re operating.

Founded by two engineers, Smart Moderation began work in 2014 and launched after three years of research and development. While we already provide an unmatched comment moderation service using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we continue to work with academic researchers to ensure we may help brands and individuals both big and small to the best of our abilities.

Learn more about our passions by reading our story, or explore our core values in our mission statement.